new corona measures, competition ended

15 oktober 2020

  new corona measures, competition ended

Yesterday, 13th October the government announced rules in the fight against corona. Prime Minister Rutte indicated that tennis could still be played because it is not a contact sport, but saying confusingly that only singles could be played. Today the KNLTB indicated that doubles are also still allowed. The message from the KNLTB reads:

Tennis doubles can be played as long as 1.5 meter distance is maintained on the court. This is in  accordance with the new guideline, whereby adults from the age of 18 may exercise individually or in groups of a maximum of 4 people with a distance of 1.5 meters between them and is therefore in agreement with the Ministry of VWS (Health Welfare and Sport). There is to be no physical contact, distance of at least a racket length must be kept on the court, even if that means that you sometimes have to let a ball go. Do not sit on a bench together, do not give high fives and change ends clockwise. According to the experts of the KNLTB the risk of contamination whilst playing doubles is small.

In addition, the KNLTB has stated:

  • We have decided to end the KNLTB Competition 2020 immediately, for both youth and seniors
  • Regular Open tournaments and Junior Tour tournaments cannot take place      
  • It remains possible to play tennis and train freely, both outside at your own club and inside a hall
  • The maximum group size is 4 people for adults from 18 years (this does not include a trainer)
  • In addition to sports canteens, showers and changing rooms are also closed     
  • Public is not allowed

What does this mean for you?   ·       

  • On the club app it is (again) possible to make a reservation with four people     
  • Meet & play on Monday and Friday afternoons will remain in the agenda      
  • On Saturday it is possible to make a reservation again, now that the competition is cancelled    
  • “Rackettrekken” on Sundays has been removed from the calender





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