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Lawn tennisvereniging Door Onderlinge Samenwerking Hoger

Lawn tennis association Higher Through Mutual Co-operation

Established 1952  

Tennis, in the heart of Rotterdam  

Nestled among houses, gardens, cafes and shops lies tennis park Het Centrum. The place where LTV Dosh members enjoy the game of tennis on three gravel courts. Our courts and clubhouse are situated behind the houses lining the Breitnerstraat, Rochussenstraat and Mathenesserlaan, giving you the feeling you’re playing tennis in someone’s lovely extended back garden.  

Around 250 members come at various times for a good game of tennis in the weekend and/or every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the afternoon or evening. Even outside these times, members can show up unannounced for a (quick) game.

Coming to the club by yourself? Great! Everyone at Dosh plays tennis with whomever is there; whether young or old, beginners or advanced. It’s an excellent way to get to know the other members and the game of tennis. Our clubhouse is in the hands of the club manager, so you won’t be asked to take on compulsory bar duties.  

The latest info

Get the latest updates about Dosh through our website, newsletter (NL only) and clubapp. We have also set up various WhatsApp groups for a speedy glance into when the courts are open. Plus you can see who else might be popping in to play and/or app with other members to meet there at a specific time.  

Tournaments and competitions

At various times throughout the season, Dosh organises a number of internal tennis tournaments. These include the Season Opener and Club Championship tournaments. Great days to come together, meet other members and, after the tournament, play a few games yourself!  

In the summer, we organise the official KNLTB DOSH Open tournament. Any KNLTB member can sign up for this event. On Saturdays, Dosh competes in the KNLTB’s spring and fall district competitions.  

Tennis balls

During regularly scheduled court times, we provide the tennis balls; three balls per court. These tennis balls are managed by the equipment commissioner and are available for you in the clubhouse.   

Join the club!

Like to become a member of Dosh? Click on the sign-up form button on the home page.   

Do you have some questions for us before you sign up? Email your questions to us at [email protected].

Better still, drop in when you have a few minutes; ask away and get a preview of the atmosphere. 

We look forward to welcoming you soon to the Dosh tennis courts!  

Vriendelijke groeten / Kind regards,

The LTV Dosh Board  




[email protected]


Tennis in hartje Rotterdam!

Tennispark Het Centrum

Mathenesserlaan 131
3015 CH Rotterdam