membership and contribution

Membership and Contribution 

Our yearly tennis season runs from mid-March to the beginning on November. At Dosh, we require only a membership contribution; there are no registration fees.  

Contribution seniors (as of 18 years old)  
Year membership € 180
Half-year membership, as of 15 June € 120*
Quarter-year membership, as of 15 August €   75*
Mornings-only membership € 100
Are you following tennis lessons?   
Year membership € 120*
As of 15 June €   75*
Contribution students (18 to 25 years old)  
Year membership € 120*  **
Half-year membership, as of 15 June €   90*  **
Contribution Youth (up to 17 years old)  
Year membership (up to 11 years old) €   40
Year membership (from 12 to 17 years old) €   60


* first-time discount applies: the full season price will be charged the following season

** proof of study registration must be provided at the start of each season

Contributions will be collected electronically via ClubCollect.     

How to join/leave the club

Like to become a member of Dosh? We’d love to include you! Fill in our sign-up form which you'll find under the button on the home page. You can also fill in the hard copy sign-in form available in the clubhouse.

Membership will automatcally be renewed every year!

Want to cancel your Dosh membership? You must do so in writing or per email before the end of the calendar year. If you cancel after that date, € 34 will be billed to you to cover the fixed yearly contribution of the KNLTB, among other costs.  

Please be sure to email all your questions and/or member updates (e.g. informing us about a new mobile number, e-mail address, etc.) to [email protected]  


Are you a current Rotterdampas holder? Whether you are a youth, student or senior member of Dosh, you receive a € 25 discount on your membership fee with your Rotterdampas.

Here’s how it works: First, you pay your full membership fee. Second, email your Rotterdampas number to us at [email protected]. We take it from there! After we confirm your Rotterdampas, we transfer € 25 back into your bank account.

KNLTB membership card

Every member (including youths and students) of Dosh automatically becomes a member of the KNLTB, the Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association. The KNLTB creates and sends the membership cards. You need this card, with photo ID on it, to participate in the yearly competitions and/or tournaments. To ensure your photo ID is included on your pass, send your passport photo digitally to us at [email protected]

From 2021 KNLTB membership cards are digital, you will find it in your clubapp.




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